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How to Use AI Business Coach


1. You need to have an active paid subscription or trial subscription in order to chat with AI Business Coach. 

2. If you just started your subscription or trial on Plans & Pricing page, please wait for 5 minutes before chatting with AI Business Coach as the chat is being set up.

3. Please make sure the email you use to chat with AI Business Coach is the same as the email you use for subscription, otherwise the chat with AI Business Coach won't work.

If you haven't added AI Business Coach in a chat, 

Go to, start a chat and search for AI Business Coach, then you will see AI Business Coach with App icon, see below.




















Click Start Chat, then you will have 1-1 conversations with AI Business Coach.

If you have added AI Business Coach in a chat,  

You can start the conversation by using a simple "hello" or a sentence explaining what you need help with.

By default, AI Business Coach asks probing questions to understand where you are at, what your goals are, and what are your challenge, it stimulates you to think critically and find your answer to the challenge you are facing. 

At any time, you can tell it to stop asking questions, and provide a suggestion. 

AI Business Coach will also send follow-up messages to you to hold you accountable for taking the actions you identified through each conversation.


Knowledge without action is powerless, it's essential to apply the insights and actions you learned from each conversation with AI Business Coach.

How to start a conversation with AI coach
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